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Rafiki Birdwatching offers you a great bird watching experience in western Europe. Go on trips with other passionate birdwatchers or hire us as your private guide to take you to the best birdwatching spots in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. Check the suggested trips or get in touch to see how we can help you ‘catch’ the birds on your list. We can assist in organising lodging, transport and food as well.

The name Rafiki comes from the East African language Kiswahili; we lived in Kenya and Ethiopia for 10 years. Rafiki means “friends”, and that is how we like to run the tours:  As if we are watching birds with friends. Rafiki Bird watching is a Dutch organisation that runs bird watching tours throughout Western Europe. We work in close cooperation with Flevo Bird Watching. They do short trips within the Netherlands, while Rafiki Birdwatching is specialised in longer trips in and out of the Netherlands.

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Rafiki Bird watching offers you tailor made guided tours. See the most amazing birds if Western Europe in Spain, France or the Neterlands.


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We'll make your trip to Spain, France or the Netherlands a lasting memory! Find out how we can help you discover the best birding areas in Europe.